Encounter a pastoralist world

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Turkana Land and the Turkana people are pastoralist in nature. It defines who they are and in fact around 70% of the Turkana continue to practice the traditional pastoralist lifestyle that appears to have been the first form of economy known to man. As such, it marked a major development step in the evolvement of humanity.

A unique cultural wealth

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There are view places remaining in Africa of today where you can witness a traditional culture of such beauty and integrity. The Turkana culture is vivified by a unique wealth of dresses, hairstyles, jewellery, sayings, tales, songs, craftsmanship and knowledge. A visit to Turkana Land offers you the chance to experience the fascinating pastoralist way of life.

Four decades of peace

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Especially impressive is the yearly peace festival at Lokiriama near the Ugandan border, where elders from Turkana, Toposa, Karamojong and three other neighbouring tribes pledged peace fortytwo years ago – a treaty celebrated and renewed with an annual three day festival in September.

At the grave of the legendary Turkana mother

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The grave of Nayeche, the legendary mother of all Turkana people is a holy place of prayer which must be only visited in the company of a local so that no customs are violated. Towards the end of the year another festival is held at the legendary burial site which anticipates a huge crowd of Turkana people.

Blend of traditions and modernity

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The annual Turkana Tourism and Cultural Festival is held on the second weekend of August at Ekaleez exhibition grounds at the fringes of Lodwar. It is a three day festival attracting tens of thousands of visitors with a program that offers a blend of traditions and modernity. Traditional dance, performances of well known Kenyan singers, a trade fair, a market and a huge choma zone where people chat and dance and party the nights away create a unique blend of culture and entertainment that pleases local Turkana, neighbours from Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia as well as people coming from Nairobi and abroad.