Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Natural Resources


CEC Tourism, Culture & National Resources

Mrs. Hon. Jennifer Nawoi

Director of Tourism

Portrait Shemmy Ekuwom-1

Shemmy Ekuwom

Director of Culture, Arts and Heritage

James Kuloba

Deputy Director of Culture, Arts and Heritage

Philip Lokaala

Deputy Director of Natural Resources

Pauline Pusiye


Our Vision

To be globally competitive in tourism, culture, heritage and natural resources preservation and protection.

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate a sustainable and vibrant environment for tourism, culture, heritage and protection of our diverse natural resources.

Our Core Values

  • Team spirit, mutual cooperation and strategic partnerships
  • Professional self conduct
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of operations
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Quality service delivery to all
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Proactive leadership
  • Social equity


Key Mandates and Strategic Objectives

  • Overall planning, directing, overseeing, coordination, evaluation and implementation of programmes and projects
  • Initiate, formulate, overview and implement department policies
  • Follow-up on the implementation of bilateral and multilateral tourism agreements and protocols
  • Undertake market surveys, tourism research and profiling of all tourist attractions in the County
  • Take a lead role in marketing and promotion of Turkana’s tourism products on domestic and international markets
  • Maintain linkages with tourism stakeholders
  • Provide technical advice on matters pertaining to tourism
  • Coordinate classification of hotels, restaurants and other tourism establishments

Programs and Measures

In a bid to market Turkana Land as a preferred tourist destination, the directorate implements a Tourism Product Development & Diversification program as well as a Tourism Destination Marketing & Promotion program, including the following measures:

Legal & Administrative:

  • Implement the tourism bill and policy
  • Develop an integrated tourism strategic plan
  • Create community based organizations at the attraction sites

Marketing & Promotion:

  • Carry out a destination branding and promotion program through media advertising, festivals and tournaments, brand ambassadors, media and trade partners, familiarization trips, joint promotions with airlines and corporates as well as regional conferences
  • Identify high impact international and national tourism trade shows and exhibitions to display Turkana’s tourist products
  • Develop new distribution channels for Turkana Land’s tourism products, e.g. the internet, catalogues and airlines

Business Development:

  • Reach out to tourism stakeholders to sensitize and provide them with incentives
  • Hold forums and promote public private partnerships for business tourism development

Research & Education:

  • Undertake market research, including baseline surveys and mapping
  • Train tour and hospitality stakeholders, i.e. tour guides, ground handlers, hoteliers and waiters

Product Development & Diversification:

  • Support the Pilgrimage Home of Mankind Safari Program
  • Construct hiking trails in Loima Forest and on Central Island
  • Continue to drive the Turkwood Film Project which is marketing Turkana Land as an international and domestic filming destination


  • Develop a signage system and erect signboards at all tourist sites
  • Construct curio shops at Nariokotome, Eliye, Lokiriama, Lodwar, Letea, Lokori and Kalokol
  • Construct an entry point for the lake zone
  • Construct an exhibition centre and a walk-path at the Turkana Boy monument
  • Construct eco toilets on the beaches of Eliye, Imprezza, Long’ec, Natole, Kalimapus, Kataboi, Nachukui and Lowareng’ak


Key Mandates and Strategic Objectives

  • Identification, mapping, gazetting and development of forests and national reserves
  • Protection, conservation and restoration of forest and wildlife resources
  • Increase of tree cover and species diversity for sustainable development
  • Intensify research of tree species and forest products that promote social and economic development
  • Development and enforcement of environmental policies and legal frameworks for the protection of flora and fauna
  • Management of invasive species, especially prosopis

Strategies and Measures

In order to achieve environmental and socio-economic benefits through increased tree cover and improved management of forests and tree resources in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs), the Directorate prioritizes the following strategies and measures:

Legal & Administrative:

  • Formulate specific by-laws and legislation for the county level
  • Develop and implement county forest management plans
  • Issue operation licenses for private farms and county forests on community land
  • Maintain county forest and farm forestry records, databases and information
  • Enforce forest legislations within the county forests and on private farms


  • Identify suitable land for new forest reservations and National Reserves


  • Create and develop new county forests and wildlife conservancies
  • Increase tree cover on private, community and county lands through tree planting
  • Rehabilitate fragile, degraded ecosystem and forests in community lands

Business Development:

  • Develop nature based enterprises within county forests
  • Promote public-private partnerships and management practices in county forests
  • Develop the charcoal industry within county forests and on private farms
  • Develop forest products from invasive species, especially Prosopis species


  • Develop and main county forest infrastructure


Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Natural Resources

P.O. Box 26-30500



Physical address

Cooperative House, next to County Assembly Chambers, Lodwar