Investment Opportunities

Fiebig Turkana-8916

Manifold investment opportunities

Turkana, the County of the many resources, offers a huge potential for investments in uncounted promising fields, be it in transport, agriculture, the fishing industry, geothermal and wind power production, water bottling or housing and real estate business. The tourism sector is up for growth and ready for investments in the hospitality and catering industry to build much needed hotels, restaurants and conference facilities.

Turkana – a heaven for the filming industry

Thanks to its overwhelming vastness and diversity, an unspoilt nature and outstanding locations, Turkana County is a heaven for the filming industry as proven by past productions, the most successful of which was ‘The Constant Gardener’ that has reaped international fame.

Expect professionalism and efficiency

Whether you are a potential investor or a film production company on the lookout for rewarding settings, expect the County Government to deal with your request in a professional, efficient and unbureaucratic way. Please contact the Ministry for Tourism, Trade and Industrialization directly:

Contact the Ministry for Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources