The Nature Reserves

Kenya – the Land of Big Game

The second classic attraction of Kenya has always been the magic of a safari. Kenya is the land of unrivaled game numbers, and many of its conservation areas boast names of worldwide fame.

Encountering the Big Five while on safari is one of the ‘must-sees’ of every tourist.

Just think of the Tsavo National Parks, a vast wilderness that is home to huge herds of red elephants; Amboseli at the foot of snow-capped Kilimanjaro, that attracts game from the wider area; Nakuru National Park with its healthy rhino population and huge flocks of flamingos at the bottom of the Great African Rift Valley; Mt. Kenya with its lush forests and snowy peaks right on the equator; Samburu National Reserve along the enchanting Ewaso Nyiro River; and of course: the Masai Mara that stages the drama of the Great Migration which is performed by more than one million wild animals since time immemorial…